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First and foremost, what is Action View and what is its role in Rails? Action View templates allow us to write embedded Ruby within HTML files. To better DRY our code, we implement the use of partials. The following two examples will show how to use and render partials in html.erb files.

Partial form in Action View

Partial forms will allow us to reuse our code repeatedly throughout various sections of our application, but without repeating ourselves. As you can see depicted above is an example of a partial form. I am using the form_for method so the user can create and update specific attributes…

What’s object-relational mapping, or ORM? Although it sounds complicated, it is simply the ability to access relational databases while using an object oriented programming language. This way, we can use OOP to “map” database tables to classes and and database rows to instances of those class. In other words, we are converting database data to objects that can be used within an OOP. If I want an array of all users in a given database, I would have to incorporate SQL into my code to make that request. Let’s take a look at what manually mapping data looks like.


A story of how I made my first CLI app for the Flatiron School

I was given the task of creating a CLI application that pulls data from an external source. Was this task easy? Absolutely not. But did I learn more than I thought possible? The answer is a resounding yes.

Before I start getting technical, I just want to let whomever is reading this know that coding is not easy, but never EVER let the fear of failure keep you from succeeding. …

My motivation to transition into the tech industry stems primarily from this question: As someone who is constantly consumed by tech each day, if we pull back the curtains, how exactly do my favorite websites and applications function on a daily basis?

As a former flight attendant, every aspect of our job was linked to our work phones. From safety procedures to common medical issues to food and beverage sales, our phones had the required applications to assist the crewmembers with whatever we needed. I deeply enjoyed my career working for an airline. I climbed to the top of the…

Niani Byrd

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